Certificate 4 Applied Fashion Design and Technology

This course is for people who want to learn and apply creative, practical, technical skills and knowledge as a means of gaining employment in the fashion industry at an assistant’s level. The focus of this qualification is on education and training in the areas of design, patternmaking, production, and using technology within the fashion industry context.
The training environment will simulate what it is like to work in the fashion industry, and how to work safely and produce high quality products. This is a hands-on course that allows for creative expression to develop and be displayed through the development and production of fashion garments and/or textile products. Industry-linkage work placement with a host fashion company is included in the course.

Course Number:


Core Units:

LMTCL2003B – Identify fibres and fabrics
LMTCL2010B – Modify patterns to create basic styles
LMTCL2011B – Draw and interpret a basic sketch
LMTCL3001B – Identify fabric performance and handling requirements
LMTFD2005B – Identify design process for fashion designs
LMTFD4001B – Apply design studio process
LMTFD4006B – Interact and network with fashion industry participants
LMTGN2001B – Follow defined OH&S policies and procedures

Types/examples of assessments:

International opportunities/experiences/exposure:

Career opportunities:

If you complete the Certificate 4, you will have the skills and knowledge to become an assistant in design, product development, patternmaking, grading, specification development and CAD operations in the fashion industry. The course will also help you make an informed decision about pursuing further training for a career in the industry.

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